Catching a Cold

"The Common Cold" typically includes symptoms like runny noses, sneezing, coughing, loss of appetite and lethargy (among the most common).  

Many people of all nationalities, ethnicities and backgrounds have "caught colds," and continue to do so.  This is perhaps permitted by (and further perpetuates) people's disconnect from the Biological Fact that no human should ever experience "the Common Cold," because biologically speaking no Biologically Successful human would ever suffer the symptoms that come with "catching a cold."  

These symptoms would have made it incredibly difficult for a person to successfully secure food in a world where no living thing is allowed to fail biologically, or else it would likely have significant difficulty rebounding/recovering--and ultimately surviving.  

The only light source was the sun, and there were no tools, no clothing, and no running water.  "Catching a cold" would have been a death sentence before civilization.  

However, now that civilization has freed us from the insecurity of the wild, people have unprecedented flexibility with the preservation of their bodies.  Refrigerators alone can keep the "days harvest" from spoiling for days longer than was possible in the wild.  And market, grocery stores and supermarkets are now ubiquitous in most neighborhoods.  "Something to eat" is usually no further away than just around the corner.

In the end, the organisms that could not succeed biologically become food.  Today in civilization it seems to mean that people will simply live lifestyles chronically allowing for/dealing with inconveniences and concerns with their bodies, like "catching a cold."  

As Biologically Unsuccessful people age, more concerns with the body arise, as does their severity.  Lives continuously failing to secure Biological Requirements ultimately result in severe age-onset concerns with the body like chronic disease (such as Alzheimer's, Diabetes or Cancer).  

However, Bio Guidance is about learning how to continue to succeed biologically, regardless of the human transition out of nature and into civilization.  If anyone is "Bio Warned" by catching a cold or gaining weight, the appropriate response is to learn how to detox and restore the body with Boost HEALth Now: Bio Guidance.

No New Diseases

The recent Ebola outbreak seen in Africa is a symptom of a larger underlying problem that humanity has had for quite some time now.

Before this most recent outbreak, humanity was already seeing swelling record numbers of Cancers and Heart disease, Alzheimer's and Dementia, Diabetes, among many other diseases.  The 1990's saw a significant spike in Attention-deficit (ADD) and Attention-defiticit Hyperactive (ADHD) disorder diagnoses, as well as Autism.  The 1980's saw the arrival of the HIV, and subsequent AIDS epidemic.  In the 1920's an Influenza epidemic took the lives of approximately 20 million people.  

Although now considered to be "Medically Contained," Polio, Diarrhea, Syphilis, Diphtheria, Tetanus, Chlamydia snd several other infections had their origins in Modern Humanity, as well.  They were not always around.

Leprosy was the Ebola of biblical times.

It is not a coincidence that many of these outbreaks originate in poverty-stricken parts of the world.  Logically these are the parts of the world with human beings that have been securing the least of the elements Biologically Required to remain fully functional and free of concerns. These diseases are not a result of what may perhaps seem like global biological misfortune, but rather an increasingly continuous global decline in securing Biological Requirements.

Biologically speaking, there are not any new diseases appearing to plague humanity.  All that is happening is the degree of Biological Negligence to which the Human body has been subject to since the dawn of civilization is continuously widening.

In other words, we're just doing worse at caring for our bodies.

With the sharp decline in Ozone/Oxygen in the Earth's atmosphere, the sharp rise of air pollutants and contaminants such as Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide and Methane in the Earth's air supply, it is increasingly difficult for humans the world over to secure the continuous intake of Oxygen their bodies Biologically Require.

Much of humanity's caloric intake now comes from products with a brand name, manufactured by a company that is ultimately driven by profit and business interests.  These products do come in packaging boasting "Nutrition Facts."  However, can manufactured brand-name products really be considered food?

Are these Modern items that are ingested providing Modern Human bodies what is needed to eliminate metabolic waste?  How much of them are already waste to the Human body before ever being eaten?

As far as sleep is concerned--since the advent of the light bulb, it seems like Modern Humans generally go to sleep too late, and wake up too early.  Few Modern Humans have the luxury of having a home free of morning alarm clocks--or the beverages and products they require to keep them awake during the day.

However, all that any Human body every Biologically Required to remain free of any problems is constant Oxygen, plenty of Food, thorough Waste Elimination, and total Sleep.  Exactly the things Humans the world over are getting less and less of every day.

The solution to weight loss is HEALth.  The cure for disease is HEALth.  The medicine of the future is HEALth.  

Boost HEALth Now: Bio Guidance--while we still can.

Trauma Vs. Illness & Disease

Conventional medicine has saved countless lives.

Many people have been unnaturally able to hold on to life, with the help of emergency trauma care like the kind seen in hospital emergency rooms today.  Accidents that would have taken countless lives in prehistoric times, now do not necessarily result in any permanent damage beyond scarring.

People generally do not seem to realize that they now typically turn to medical doctors, their surgical procedures and the drugs they prescribe to keep their bodies functioning and free of pain, as they would for emergency scenarios like those before mentioned.

But healthcare and emergency care are not the same.  

The emergency procedures and bio-incompatible drugs used in emergency care are not appropriate for routine and constant healthcare, self-preservation and certainly not for health restoration.

Some people now attack parents that hope to keep their children's bodies free of unnecessary pharmaceutical interventions, because they cannot imagine disease prevention without vaccines.  

But if inoculations are required for immunities, what did people do before pharmaceutical vaccines for disease prevention?

Biology tells us that all well nourished and well rested organisms will be fit to defend themselves from infectious disease, and degenerative disease could never be a factor.  Everything is competing and reproducing with the offspring of the most successful survivors to ever live, leaving no chance for illness in nature--only a strict, routine, and faithful food web cycle.

But Humans are not in nature anymore.  Modern Humans now find themselves in man-made Modern Civilization, and over time have been disconnected from their nature, their health--their biology.

The instinctive self care seen in all organisms in nature once came naturally to humans as well, but was left behind in our natural origin.  However, over time our living conditions have become more disconnected from natural Human origins, making it more difficult for Modern Humans to naturally meet Biological Requirements and respect Biological Compatibility.  

In other words, making it more difficult to get their bodies what they need, and actually avoid the things that burden the body.  Clearly, this makes it more difficult for people to keep their bodies fully functional and free of any problems or concerns.

Bio Guides are a new kind of medical doctor.  Not the kind for emergencies, but the kind which deals with the full capacity and functionality of the body.  One that clarifies to consumers the causes of disease, and how to easily prevent it.

Boost HEALth Now: Bio Guidance.  It's finally here.

Haha, Stress?

Imagine living in a world with no locks, or even any doors.  Imagine a world with no light switches, no running water, no heating, no refrigeration.  This would also be a  world with no hospitals, no doctors, no emergency rooms, no police, and no 911.

Many people try to place the blame on lifestyles they call "stressful" for their biological shortcomings and health concerns.  But how stressful are their lives, really?  When was the last time they feared for their life, or the life of their young?  Can they imagine a life in which they are on duty an entire life, without weekends or vacations?  Or paid "sick days"--even if they are sick. 

Other questions include what they have done to be sure they routinely and continuously meet their bodies' Biological Requirements, as well as how mindful they have been about respecting their bodies' Biological Compatibility.

The stress reaction is a natural reaction that originated in nature to motivate living things to survive, compete and reproduce.  Stress is a feeling of discomfort meant to motivate living things to do whatever is necessary to avoid continued discomfort. 

Modern Human health concerns are not really in any way rooted to stress, but in the the typical Modern Human failure to routinely meet Biological Requirements.  They are also rooted in the Biologically Incompatible elements being exposed, marketed and vended to Modern Humans.

It is time people consider leaving all biological ignorance behind, as well as what it may be costing them now, and what it will cost them in the future.  

It is time to Connect the Dots with Boost HEALth Now: Bio Guidance.

Goodbye, Oxygen

With the use of historical data available, it has been calculated that the +Oxygen content in the Earth's atmosphere before human influence was about 50% most places on +Earth.

Not only have we cut down most of the +vegetation in our Modern +habitats, but we've +paved as far as our eyes can see.  The urban vegetation we may see is only a fraction of what once Oxygenated that part of the world.  In lieu of the vegetation once all around humans is now +industry, +combustion, and +pollution.  This means instead of fresh Oxygen put into people's air supply, any present Oxygen is burned and replaced with carbon dioxide (among many other pollutants).

The Oxygen content in humanity's Modern air supply is presently measured to be about 19%, now alongside a 25% carbon dioxide content.  The air's Oxygen content is actually being found to be as low as less than 10% in major cities.

If the body is to be taking in Oxygen-rich air at all points of life--day and night, awake or asleep--then what must this Oxygen decrease in humanity's air supply mean to Human Health?  

What must it mean to the body's ability to prevent anything from going wrong with the body?

What must it mean to the body's ability to restore itself?

Connect the Dots, and learn how to Boost Oxygen Now with our Bio Guidance tutorial.

The Control Over HUMAN HEALTH

Before +hospitals, before +doctors, before +prescription +medications, before +emergency rooms and +surgeries... 

...before running +water, before +electricity, before roofing, before doors, before refrigerators, before lighters, before drinking cups, before +toilets, before beds, before +clothing, before any language...

...there was robust and widespread HEALTH.  

There were clean skies, pristine +oceans, +fertile +soils and endless +life living at full +health and +functionality.  All of which was +competing and +reproducing with other life living at full health and functionality.  Humans had available to them what was biologically required, and that was it.  With this, many healthy babies followed, which went on to make many more healthy babies.

So what changed?  Why are Modern Humans now the only kind of living organism on Earth dependent on prescription drugs and medical professionals for continued "health and wellbeing?"  Why do Modern Humans have difficulty visualizing life without doctors, dentists, prescription medications or over-the-counter drugs?

The real question is, are +Modern +Humans ready to take back control over their own health?


Why would a +Preventive and +Restorative +Healthcare agency need to post a legal disclaimer stating the information they offer is "not intended to +diagnose, +treat, +cure or +prevent any +disease?"  

Its quite simple, really: no health agency has any control over any consumer's actions, any of the +choices they make, or their +genetic makeup.  There is no way to control how committed any consumer will be to the +biological +restoration of their own health, nor how diligent they will be in taking the appropriate steps to see it through.

This is analogous to pregnancy.  We could highlight to consumers the biology behind pregnancies, and clarify to them what is biologically required to impregnate a female human being.  However, we could not guarantee any pregnancies due to indeterminable factors beyond our scope.

When a Boost HEALth Now Bio Guides says to do something "as often as possible," they will not have any control over how often that will be, or if what is actually done will be enough.  Therefore, there can never really be any guarantee.

Bio Guidance is just that--Guidance.  It empowers consumers with the knowledge relating to why problems with the body may arise, and what the body biologically requires to be able to +repair and +maintain itself.  It exposes to consumers where best and how easiest to secure those requirements--but it cannot actually secure them for anyone.

Some people can't do what is best for themselves, because they are not clear on what that might actually be.  From a biological standpoint, Bio Guidance makes it all easy and clearcut. It has made biocompatible living (commonly know as "healthy living,") straightforward and practical.

The only guarantee Boost HEALth Now can give, is the guarantee that you'll be glad you were Bio Guided.

Chemistry and Biology

Overstepping the separation of Biology and Chemistry seen in modern healthcare, Bio Guidance focuses strictly on a person's Biological Requirements, and Biological Compatibility.  

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