Why would a +Preventive and +Restorative +Healthcare agency need to post a legal disclaimer stating the information they offer is "not intended to +diagnose, +treat, +cure or +prevent any +disease?"  

Its quite simple, really: no health agency has any control over any consumer's actions, any of the +choices they make, or their +genetic makeup.  There is no way to control how committed any consumer will be to the +biological +restoration of their own health, nor how diligent they will be in taking the appropriate steps to see it through.

This is analogous to pregnancy.  We could highlight to consumers the biology behind pregnancies, and clarify to them what is biologically required to impregnate a female human being.  However, we could not guarantee any pregnancies due to indeterminable factors beyond our scope.

When a Boost HEALth Now Bio Guides says to do something "as often as possible," they will not have any control over how often that will be, or if what is actually done will be enough.  Therefore, there can never really be any guarantee.

Bio Guidance is just that--Guidance.  It empowers consumers with the knowledge relating to why problems with the body may arise, and what the body biologically requires to be able to +repair and +maintain itself.  It exposes to consumers where best and how easiest to secure those requirements--but it cannot actually secure them for anyone.

Some people can't do what is best for themselves, because they are not clear on what that might actually be.  From a biological standpoint, Bio Guidance makes it all easy and clearcut. It has made biocompatible living (commonly know as "healthy living,") straightforward and practical.

The only guarantee Boost HEALth Now can give, is the guarantee that you'll be glad you were Bio Guided.