The Control Over HUMAN HEALTH

Before +hospitals, before +doctors, before +prescription +medications, before +emergency rooms and +surgeries... 

...before running +water, before +electricity, before roofing, before doors, before refrigerators, before lighters, before drinking cups, before +toilets, before beds, before +clothing, before any language...

...there was robust and widespread HEALTH.  

There were clean skies, pristine +oceans, +fertile +soils and endless +life living at full +health and +functionality.  All of which was +competing and +reproducing with other life living at full health and functionality.  Humans had available to them what was biologically required, and that was it.  With this, many healthy babies followed, which went on to make many more healthy babies.

So what changed?  Why are Modern Humans now the only kind of living organism on Earth dependent on prescription drugs and medical professionals for continued "health and wellbeing?"  Why do Modern Humans have difficulty visualizing life without doctors, dentists, prescription medications or over-the-counter drugs?

The real question is, are +Modern +Humans ready to take back control over their own health?