No New Diseases

The recent Ebola outbreak seen in Africa is a symptom of a larger underlying problem that humanity has had for quite some time now.

Before this most recent outbreak, humanity was already seeing swelling record numbers of Cancers and Heart disease, Alzheimer's and Dementia, Diabetes, among many other diseases.  The 1990's saw a significant spike in Attention-deficit (ADD) and Attention-defiticit Hyperactive (ADHD) disorder diagnoses, as well as Autism.  The 1980's saw the arrival of the HIV, and subsequent AIDS epidemic.  In the 1920's an Influenza epidemic took the lives of approximately 20 million people.  

Although now considered to be "Medically Contained," Polio, Diarrhea, Syphilis, Diphtheria, Tetanus, Chlamydia snd several other infections had their origins in Modern Humanity, as well.  They were not always around.

Leprosy was the Ebola of biblical times.

It is not a coincidence that many of these outbreaks originate in poverty-stricken parts of the world.  Logically these are the parts of the world with human beings that have been securing the least of the elements Biologically Required to remain fully functional and free of concerns. These diseases are not a result of what may perhaps seem like global biological misfortune, but rather an increasingly continuous global decline in securing Biological Requirements.

Biologically speaking, there are not any new diseases appearing to plague humanity.  All that is happening is the degree of Biological Negligence to which the Human body has been subject to since the dawn of civilization is continuously widening.

In other words, we're just doing worse at caring for our bodies.

With the sharp decline in Ozone/Oxygen in the Earth's atmosphere, the sharp rise of air pollutants and contaminants such as Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide and Methane in the Earth's air supply, it is increasingly difficult for humans the world over to secure the continuous intake of Oxygen their bodies Biologically Require.

Much of humanity's caloric intake now comes from products with a brand name, manufactured by a company that is ultimately driven by profit and business interests.  These products do come in packaging boasting "Nutrition Facts."  However, can manufactured brand-name products really be considered food?

Are these Modern items that are ingested providing Modern Human bodies what is needed to eliminate metabolic waste?  How much of them are already waste to the Human body before ever being eaten?

As far as sleep is concerned--since the advent of the light bulb, it seems like Modern Humans generally go to sleep too late, and wake up too early.  Few Modern Humans have the luxury of having a home free of morning alarm clocks--or the beverages and products they require to keep them awake during the day.

However, all that any Human body every Biologically Required to remain free of any problems is constant Oxygen, plenty of Food, thorough Waste Elimination, and total Sleep.  Exactly the things Humans the world over are getting less and less of every day.

The solution to weight loss is HEALth.  The cure for disease is HEALth.  The medicine of the future is HEALth.  

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