Goodbye, Oxygen

With the use of historical data available, it has been calculated that the +Oxygen content in the Earth's atmosphere before human influence was about 50% most places on +Earth.

Not only have we cut down most of the +vegetation in our Modern +habitats, but we've +paved as far as our eyes can see.  The urban vegetation we may see is only a fraction of what once Oxygenated that part of the world.  In lieu of the vegetation once all around humans is now +industry, +combustion, and +pollution.  This means instead of fresh Oxygen put into people's air supply, any present Oxygen is burned and replaced with carbon dioxide (among many other pollutants).

The Oxygen content in humanity's Modern air supply is presently measured to be about 19%, now alongside a 25% carbon dioxide content.  The air's Oxygen content is actually being found to be as low as less than 10% in major cities.

If the body is to be taking in Oxygen-rich air at all points of life--day and night, awake or asleep--then what must this Oxygen decrease in humanity's air supply mean to Human Health?  

What must it mean to the body's ability to prevent anything from going wrong with the body?

What must it mean to the body's ability to restore itself?

Connect the Dots, and learn how to Boost Oxygen Now with our Bio Guidance tutorial.