Haha, Stress?

Imagine living in a world with no locks, or even any doors.  Imagine a world with no light switches, no running water, no heating, no refrigeration.  This would also be a  world with no hospitals, no doctors, no emergency rooms, no police, and no 911.

Many people try to place the blame on lifestyles they call "stressful" for their biological shortcomings and health concerns.  But how stressful are their lives, really?  When was the last time they feared for their life, or the life of their young?  Can they imagine a life in which they are on duty an entire life, without weekends or vacations?  Or paid "sick days"--even if they are sick. 

Other questions include what they have done to be sure they routinely and continuously meet their bodies' Biological Requirements, as well as how mindful they have been about respecting their bodies' Biological Compatibility.

The stress reaction is a natural reaction that originated in nature to motivate living things to survive, compete and reproduce.  Stress is a feeling of discomfort meant to motivate living things to do whatever is necessary to avoid continued discomfort. 

Modern Human health concerns are not really in any way rooted to stress, but in the the typical Modern Human failure to routinely meet Biological Requirements.  They are also rooted in the Biologically Incompatible elements being exposed, marketed and vended to Modern Humans.

It is time people consider leaving all biological ignorance behind, as well as what it may be costing them now, and what it will cost them in the future.  

It is time to Connect the Dots with Boost HEALth Now: Bio Guidance.