Trauma Vs. Illness & Disease

Conventional medicine has saved countless lives.

Many people have been unnaturally able to hold on to life, with the help of emergency trauma care like the kind seen in hospital emergency rooms today.  Accidents that would have taken countless lives in prehistoric times, now do not necessarily result in any permanent damage beyond scarring.

People generally do not seem to realize that they now typically turn to medical doctors, their surgical procedures and the drugs they prescribe to keep their bodies functioning and free of pain, as they would for emergency scenarios like those before mentioned.

But healthcare and emergency care are not the same.  

The emergency procedures and bio-incompatible drugs used in emergency care are not appropriate for routine and constant healthcare, self-preservation and certainly not for health restoration.

Some people now attack parents that hope to keep their children's bodies free of unnecessary pharmaceutical interventions, because they cannot imagine disease prevention without vaccines.  

But if inoculations are required for immunities, what did people do before pharmaceutical vaccines for disease prevention?

Biology tells us that all well nourished and well rested organisms will be fit to defend themselves from infectious disease, and degenerative disease could never be a factor.  Everything is competing and reproducing with the offspring of the most successful survivors to ever live, leaving no chance for illness in nature--only a strict, routine, and faithful food web cycle.

But Humans are not in nature anymore.  Modern Humans now find themselves in man-made Modern Civilization, and over time have been disconnected from their nature, their health--their biology.

The instinctive self care seen in all organisms in nature once came naturally to humans as well, but was left behind in our natural origin.  However, over time our living conditions have become more disconnected from natural Human origins, making it more difficult for Modern Humans to naturally meet Biological Requirements and respect Biological Compatibility.  

In other words, making it more difficult to get their bodies what they need, and actually avoid the things that burden the body.  Clearly, this makes it more difficult for people to keep their bodies fully functional and free of any problems or concerns.

Bio Guides are a new kind of medical doctor.  Not the kind for emergencies, but the kind which deals with the full capacity and functionality of the body.  One that clarifies to consumers the causes of disease, and how to easily prevent it.

Boost HEALth Now: Bio Guidance.  It's finally here.