Catching a Cold

"The Common Cold" typically includes symptoms like runny noses, sneezing, coughing, loss of appetite and lethargy (among the most common).  

Many people of all nationalities, ethnicities and backgrounds have "caught colds," and continue to do so.  This is perhaps permitted by (and further perpetuates) people's disconnect from the Biological Fact that no human should ever experience "the Common Cold," because biologically speaking no Biologically Successful human would ever suffer the symptoms that come with "catching a cold."  

These symptoms would have made it incredibly difficult for a person to successfully secure food in a world where no living thing is allowed to fail biologically, or else it would likely have significant difficulty rebounding/recovering--and ultimately surviving.  

The only light source was the sun, and there were no tools, no clothing, and no running water.  "Catching a cold" would have been a death sentence before civilization.  

However, now that civilization has freed us from the insecurity of the wild, people have unprecedented flexibility with the preservation of their bodies.  Refrigerators alone can keep the "days harvest" from spoiling for days longer than was possible in the wild.  And market, grocery stores and supermarkets are now ubiquitous in most neighborhoods.  "Something to eat" is usually no further away than just around the corner.

In the end, the organisms that could not succeed biologically become food.  Today in civilization it seems to mean that people will simply live lifestyles chronically allowing for/dealing with inconveniences and concerns with their bodies, like "catching a cold."  

As Biologically Unsuccessful people age, more concerns with the body arise, as does their severity.  Lives continuously failing to secure Biological Requirements ultimately result in severe age-onset concerns with the body like chronic disease (such as Alzheimer's, Diabetes or Cancer).  

However, Bio Guidance is about learning how to continue to succeed biologically, regardless of the human transition out of nature and into civilization.  If anyone is "Bio Warned" by catching a cold or gaining weight, the appropriate response is to learn how to detox and restore the body with Boost HEALth Now: Bio Guidance.